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Entry Terms
Fall, Spring, Summer

Available 100% Online: 16 Programs

Application Deadlines:
Domestic Students:
July 25 (Fall), Dec 28 (Spring) - Recommended

International Students:
July 11 (Fall), Nov 7 (Spring) - Recommended

Credits Required for Graduation
60-127 Semester Hours

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About Northeastern
Northeastern University has been educating students for career and life success since 1898. Recognized and respected around the world for its academic innovation and rigor, Northeastern offers you industry-aligned degree programs that integrate the practical application of knowledge and skills through experiential learning opportunities. 

Our bachelor's degree completion programs are designed with you in mind:

  • Northeastern gives you a tailored path to success, with a strong support system that incorporates career, academic and financial aid counseling beginning on day one or before.
  • Experiential learning is in Northeastern’s DNA, expressed in classes that integrate theory and practice.
  • Northeastern gives you choices: take classes online, on-campus, or a hybrid of the two
  • Northeastern is committed to delivering an affordable education and provides a range of financial aid opportunities.
  • Northeastern University has an expansive, global alumni network that provides connections and opportunities.
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