Please make sure you are using a Private or Incognito browser window.  

Otherwise your web activity will be falsely attributed to the person you last entered. Please also make sure that you close out of the Private or Incognito browser window once you are done as your web activity does not get deleted until this browser window is closed. 

What is the purpose of this form? To create NEW Leads (Prospective Students) and NEW Opportunities only. Please make sure the person is NOT already in Salesforce with an open Opportunity.

What information do I need to capture? All fields marked with a * are required.  The more information you provide the more effectively we can add students to the appropriate marketing campaigns. For example, gathering a Leads postal code will help us decided what communication the lead should receive and is very beneficial for our regional expansion efforts.

How do I use this form? Once you have completed the form you must click the SUBMIT button for this data to be saved. After you submit the form the information is automatically updated in Salesforce.  Use the below fields to log a call or walk-in activity in Salesforce. Remember to upload emails to their Salesforce record.

What’s next? All Leads who are generated through this form are added to a marketing campaign that sends them information about their program of interest, the application process, and upcoming events via email and/or mail.

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