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F-1 Compliant Graduate Degree and Certificate Programs

Enrollment intakes

  • Graduate degree programs enroll in September
  • Graduate certificate programs enroll in January, May, and September

By July 1 to start in September
By November 1 to start in January
By March 1 to start in May

Earn credits toward a future degree
Credits earned upon successful completion of the certificate program may be applied to an eligible MBA or master’s degree program at Northeastern.

Earn OPT eligibility
Upon completion of a certificate or degree program, you may become eligible for Optional Practical Training so you can work for up to 12 months in the U.S.

STEM designation
STEM designation of our MS in Business Analytics and MS in Finance allows international students on an F-1 visa, to work in the U.S. for up to 36 months after completing their program.

Powered by experience
For more than a century, Northeastern has been inspired by a simple truth: experience deepens learning and discovery like nothing else can.

Personalized career support
Career advisors are available throughout your career, in person and online, to help you refine your personal brand and job search strategy.

World-class faculty
Your professors have deep experience as founders of tech start-ups and respected management leaders. They bring a seasoned expertise to the courses they teach and the one-on-one discussions they have with you.

English-language fluency
Polish your skills as you immerse yourself in American business culture.

Full-Time MBA Our industry-aligned Full-Time MBA program fully integrates world-class academics and meaningful business experience, creating a powerful fusion that informs, inspires, and connects you to the pulse of today’s business world.

Master of Science in Accounting Our accelerated program will immerse you in advanced accounting principles—and give you the digital skills you need to be successful in an industry transformed by technology.

Master of Science in Business Analytics Power your career with big data. Prepare for a leadership role where you will solve complex business problems. STEM designated.

Master of Science in International Management Every day the world is changing. Expertise is needed. Distinguish yourself with global strategic knowledge.

Master of Science in Finance Build the expertise you need to lead in a tech-driven financial world. STEM designated.

Master of Science in Finance/MBA Combined Degree This combined degree program is designed to integrate business knowledge with a deep understanding of finance skills in key areas such as valuation, mergers and acquisitions, risk management, insurance, and investments.

Master of Science in Technological Entrepreneurship Create a startup based on a truly innovative idea, in a way that excites customers and creates exceptional value.

Graduate Certificate in Accounting and Financial Decision Making Gain fundamental business skills to help them succeed when faced with real-world financial challenges, by exploring topics such as financial risk management, decision theory, and information analysis.

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration Develop and refine the essential business skills you need to become a more strategic thinker, manager and leader.

Graduate Certificate in Corporate Renewal Build your knowledge of turnarounds, value creation, and negotiations as you explore the fundamentals of organizational infrastructure.

Graduate Certificate in Innovation Management Expand your creative and strategic thinking skills through your learnings on business plans, the legal environment for innovation and new product development.

Graduate Certificate in International Business Gain exposure to the fundamentals of global business practice by exploring international issues in finance, marketing and supply chain.

Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Human Capital Enhance your potential to become an effective leader by exploring topics like workforce analytics, developing great company culture, and managing high performance teams.

Graduate Certificate in Marketing Gain the core knowledge and skills necessary to carry out essential marketing functions, from branding new products to advertising services and exploring new consumer audiences.

Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management Develop skills in management, forecasting, procurement, sustainability, and strategy while studying the business process of supply chain management from a global perspective.

Graduate Certificate in Technological Entrepreneurship Build the foundational business knowledge needed to bring your entrepreneurial ideas from concept to concrete in today's digital economy. Explore topics like technology-driven transformation and new business models.

Ready to move forward with your career? Come learn about international business at D’Amore-McKim’s exciting and friendly American campus.
About Northeastern's D'Amore-McKim School of Business
Northeastern’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business prepares people and organizations to thrive in a global business environment of rapid-fire change driven by converging digital technologies. The school develops leaders and innovators who are proficient in human, data, and technological literacies; global in outlook and entrepreneurial in mindset; and invested in lifelong learning for themselves and their teams.

"Once you’re in, you’ll see that D’Amore-McKim students have a lot of focus. The students have a drive to learn that I’ve never seen before. That was something that impressed me. I didn’t know that the intellectual capital around D’Amore-McKim, including the alumni group, was so strong.” Pedro Cesar Gomes, Graduate Certificate in Business Administration ’15, MBA ’18

"I chose Northeastern’s MS in Finance program because of the emphasis on the tech skills that I knew would be in high demand—for example, the program offered a data analytics course that taught Python—and activities that would enrich my learning experience, like the Disrupt Fintech Initiative Club." Yi-Fang Liu, Master of Science in Finance ’20

“Data technology and business needs are changing so fast that you can’t be good at just one thing. There’s always going to be a new tool, a new framework. The MS in Business Analytics program will push you to pick up new skills” Jonathan Tran, Master of Science in Business Analytics ’19

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