Strategic Learning Collaboration: IBM and Northeastern
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The Northeastern and IBM Strategic Learning Collaboration

Entry Terms
Fall, Winter, Spring

Learning Format: Online, Hybrid, Classroom (depending on program)

Program Locations: Online, Boston, Charlotte, Seattle, Silicon Valley (depending on program)

Commitment: Part-Time, Full-Time (depending on program)

Northeastern is the first university to recognize IBM digital badge credentials toward graduate professional degree programs and certificates, providing a seamless pathway from workplace learning into academic degree and certificate programs. Three master’s programs - data analytics, project management, and portfolio management— have been identified to launch the collaboration, with dozens of additional graduate degrees certificate programs to follow.

By transferring prior learning as documented by your digital badges, you will have the ability to accelerate the completion time of a Northeastern graduate degree or certificate. Wondering if your badges grant you advanced standing in a Northeastern program? Fill out the form above to find out.


How to Apply

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When completing the online application for admission, you must select "IBM Badge Holder" under "Are you affiliated with one of the following associations, organizations or companies?" in order to receive the benefits listed above.

For more details visit our admissions page or contact us at or 877.668.7727.

Degree Highlights: Analytics

This program provides you with an end-to-end analytics education through a core curriculum with integrated experiential learning opportunities. Not only will you graduate with a portfolio of work samples that demonstrate your range and depth of skill, you will be part of a larger network of analytics professionals who will serve you now and in the future. With the Master's in Analytics you will:

  • Build portfolios of real-world projects demonstrating competency with key technologies, visualization and communication techniques, and the ability to translate information into recommended actions.
  • Gain a core analytical skillset upon which to layer more specialized technical skillsets or industry-specific applications.
  • Develop a relationship with industry leaders and peers so that you may leverage your Northeastern education long after your formal education ends.
  • Choose from a host of flexible programming options—all of which share an industry-defined core curriculum and a required, credit-bearing experiential requirement.
  • Anticipate and contribute to the future direction of data analytics.

Degree Highlights: Project Management

  • From inception to completion, project managers are responsible for every step in the process: project definition, cost and risk estimation, schedule planning and monitoring, budget management, negotiation and conflict resolution, project leadership, and project presentation and evaluation
  • Learn techniques and tools for managing long- and short-term projects, successfully and cost-effectively
  • Customize your master’s degree with a concentration that best aligns to your professional goals: Agile Project Management, Clinical Trial Design, Construction Management, Geospacial Services, Information Security Management, Leadership, Leading and Managing Technical Projects, Organizational Communication, or Program and Portfolio Management
  • Choose the learning format that meets your needs: 100% online; on-ground at our Boston, Seattle, Charlotte, Silicon Valley, or Toronto campuses; or a hybrid format that combines the two
  • Provides you with all educational requirements for PMP Certification

Degree Highlights: Program and Project Portfolio Management

  • Available for professionals with 3+ years of project management related work experience
  • Geared as a delivery vehicle for strategic initiative management
  • Learn the skills necessary to advance from project manager to program manager to portfolio manager
  • Develop knowledge, skills, and tools to manage project-based programs and portfolios
  • Synthesize and transfer best practices in program and portfolio management through processes, financial analysis, leadership skills, and communication strategies
  • Available 100% online to meet your schedule
  • Customize your master’s degree with a concentration that best aligns to your professional goals: Agile Project Management, Leadership, or Organizational Communication

Why Enroll at Northeastern?

• Northeastern is ranked in the Top 40 for National Universities by U.S. News and World Report

• Northeastern has an ever-expanding global network of more than 3,000 corporate partners and 230,000 alumni, with a powerful presence in more than 90 countries.

• Northeastern has learning formats that meet your needs: 100% online, on-ground (Boston, Seattle, Charlotte, Silicon Valley, or Toronto), and hybrid formats. 

• Experiential learning: the integration of courses with professional experience makes Northeastern a unique place to learn. Utilizing real-world examples within the coursework accelerates the rate in which you learn. 

• The Professional Advancement Network (PAN) at Northeastern has been created to help you achieve more—by keeping pace with the hyper-accelerated world of technology, business, and industry in which we all work and live. To stay ahead in this era of dynamic change, and advance your professional career and personal life, you need to keep learning—now and throughout your lifetime.

About Northeastern University

A graduate program at Northeastern University enables you to create the educational experience that best meets your career and life goals. Recognized as a top 40-research university, we offer a dynamic learning environment, fueled, informed, and inspired by professionally-oriented, hands-on study.

Experiential learning. Industry-aligned coursework. Flexible study options. Plus, a global network of faculty practitioners, corporate partners, distinguished alumni, and fellow students. Together, these form the cornerstone of an education that’s innovative, yet relevant; practical, yet transformative.

  • Experiential learning—the integration of courses with professional experience is at the heart of your education at Northeastern.
  • Join an ever-expanding global network of more than 3,000 corporate partners and 230,000 alumni, with a powerful presence in more than 90 countries.
  • Discover a graduate education designed to satisfy the needs of both the student and the industry.
  • Experience an innovative online education driven by cognitive science, informed by employers, and powered by experiential learning.
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