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About the Program

Entry Terms
Fall & Spring

Available 100% Online: Yes

Application Deadlines:
Domestic Students:
August 15 (Fall), December 15 (Spring)

International Students:
August 15 (Fall), December 15 (Spring)

Credits Required for Graduation
30 Semester Hours

Twenty-first century businesses and nonprofit organizations face an increasingly complex regulatory and legal environment, resulting in a strong demand for employees with a grounding in the law. The Master of Legal Studies at Northeastern University is designed to provide professionals with the practical legal skills they need to help their organizations interpret these challenges.                                      

With the legal studies master’s, you’ll have the unique opportunity to:

  • Expand your knowledge of legal principles without becoming a lawyer or obtaining a traditional three-year JD.
  • Study from anywhere with the legal studies master’s online degree.
  • Gain real-world exposure to legal issues through experiential learning opportunities including hands-on projects paired with employers and industry-aligned coursework, such as case study analysis.
  • Interact in real time with classmates and faculty through a collaborative learning environment.
  • Gain a broad understanding of the core legal concepts involved in topics like regulatory compliance, intellectual property, law and strategy, and negotiation and advocacy.
  • Choose a curriculum structure that meets your professional goals by enrolling in our general track option or customizing your degree with a concentration in Business Law, Intellectual Property Law, Human Resources Law or Health Law. Or, create your own specialized path of study through elective courses, such as intellectual property or regulation and global business strategies.
  • Forge connections with distinguished law school faculty and industry experts who can help you understand how the law intersects with today’s heavily regulated fields.    

Discover how a Master of Legal Studies can help you advance your career.
About Northeastern

The Master of Legal Studies  program at Northeastern University enables you to create the educational experience that best meets your career and life goals. Recognized as a top 40-research university, we offer a dynamic learning environment, fueled, informed, and inspired by professionally-oriented, hands-on study.

Experiential learning. Industry-aligned coursework. Flexible study options. Plus, a global network of faculty practitioners, corporate partners, distinguished alumni, and fellow students. Together, these form the cornerstone of an education that’s innovative, yet relevant; practical, yet transformative.

  • Northeastern University’s legal studies graduate program is  designed to meet the demands of today’s high-growth industries, providing students with the skills needed to succeed in the modern, global work force.
  • Our Master of Legal Studies program enables you to pursue powerful career advancement opportunities in your field of study through our global network of over 3,300 corporate partners.
  • Directly and immediately apply what you learn in class to a pressing project in your own organization or through an experiential learning opportunity with one of our corporate partners.
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