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Experiential Learning is in our DNA

Entry Terms
Jan. 8, 2018 (Spring), May 7, 2018 (Summer)

Available: On-Ground, Hybrid, and Online

Application Deadlines:
Domestic Students:
December 1 (Spring), TBD (Summer)

International Students:
October 15 (Spring)

Credits Required for Graduation
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Diverse backgrounds are valued. CEOs at tech firms increasingly value diversity of backgrounds in their workforce, citing creativity and critical thinking skills vital to business success. ALIGN students have early exposure to these employers through experiential learning opportunities like Co-op and XN projects. 

Experiential learning integrates the classroom and the real world. Students learn how to transform ideas into impact and become global citizens with successful careers. Income from Co-op can also help subsidize tuition costs. 

In Seattle, from Fall 2016 to Spring 2017, 50 local employers participated in Northeastern Seattle’s Co-op program. Here are some of them.

  • Facebook
  • Zillow
  • Amazon
  • Nordstrom

  • Porch
  • Concur Blab Inc.
  • Tune
  • CDK Global

Kaleigh O'hara - 2017 Graduate, ALIGN MS Computer Science
Studying in Seattle

"Break into Tech" Workshops

Not yet sure about pursuing a full masters degree in computer science? Get an introduction to basic computing concepts for those with a non-technical background. The workshops focus on giving a broad understanding of the fundamental and trending topics in computer science, using real-life examples to provide a hands-on experience. 

What to expect. 

  • Participate an in a mini hack-a-thon where you can collaborate with others and test out your new computer programming skills 
  • Hear from current ALIGN students and alumni about their experiences studying and working at various companies during co-op. 

Please note, a bachelor’s degree or soon-to-be college graduate is preferred for participation. Fill out the form to get more info. 


  • Computer scientists are in demand. Jobs are expected to grow 12% to 28% through 2020. That’s a total of more than 1,350,000 job openings.

  • Computer science pays. The average starting salary for graduates of Northeastern’s MSCS program is approximately $100,000.

Computing is an essential element of nearly every human endeavor, and today’s computer scientists are solving many of the world’s problems. For this innovative work, the rewards are often high, with competitive salaries and the intrinsic benefits of knowing that your contributions have great impact on people, companies, and communities.

In June 2013, Forbes reviewed salary and employment outlook data with the goal of identifying the best master’s degrees for immediate job potential. Information systems ranked first, and computer science ranked fourth—the projected increase in jobs associated with these degrees was 30 percent and 21.3 percent respectively. The opportunities are vast, and the rewards are innumerable.

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